I was born in Colombia and my soul was born in United States. Art; poetry and painting are expressions of my soul in exile, exile while my soul is living in this body, exile while my soul is living in this material world, that disappears. 
Paiting is the cry of my soul for what is eternal. then Painting and poetry, are they cry of my soul for what is eternal.  My Eternity                                          The work I am presenting here is a retrospective of my life as an artist. It is a compilation of feelings and times. Each one of my works represents a  some moments of this journey through my mind,  and how my expression changes with the time and the circumstances.  These experiences had lead me to go inside me and see in different perspectives a world that I thought was plane and straight.  My work is only a reflection  of what I feel as a human, in this dense body, which has  the capacity  of  traveling the universe with one thought, as each one of us. I am making tangible the moments in which I can explore my own mind under the observance of my own thoughts, and bringing those moments when we travel in our minds to a  slow motion over the canvas.                    Each one of my works have the same value, they are steps in my journey.

Gladys  Helena Beltran Posada

 Art Statement. Art for me is the product of our thinking, The need of seeing the game of my life in connection with my inner and outer self.  It is to see my mind (my body of thoughts) in the game of trying to put together on the canvas what is natural to us, our visible world, and our invisible world of inspiration. Or the closest universe to explore, my (our) unknown mind. Painting to me is to write my biography in colors and shapes. It is to have a journey through my mind, and explore my existence as matter, and the immensity of the invisible within me.  My purpose trough art as an artist is to find what is valuable in this temporal existence.  When I am painting, I am meditating; I am waking up my brain that is still, sleeping. In the process of creating a piece, my mind has to build bridges to connect my right and left brain.   As a result I do find answers to my everyday life, making of me a better human with consciousness of the secrecy of life in everybody.  my journey as a painter I have explored several themes for my work,; nature, love, our planet and the universe,. I have explored interior and exterior spaces, and have liberated from the four walls of interior spaces into exterior spaces.    My exterior spaces THE CITIES OF USA gave me great pleasure as an artist. I am proud of being a McKnight fellow for visual arts 2006-2007, and for receiving the Initiative Grant from MN State Board of Art 2005.                                                                           One of my  goals as an artist besides painting the cities is to paint in relation with the universe, and as universal citizen,  finding all the source of life and healing that  must to come from there, from where we came. I do want to conquer over the canvas the 50 states city capitals of the United States,. It is here in the landscapes of the cities in where my duality, my spirit dances. Yes I want to tell the world with my work that us the people of United States are growing in soul.The gratitude and passion I feel for this land is manifested in more than 2 dozen of cityscapes.  At this point of my life all my energy is focused in pursuing my dream, because the paintings of my cities are the legacy I must to leave to my descendants first, and to the world.